Centro San José – Diputación Provincial de Guadalajara

The San José Center is a public building belonging to the Guadalajara Provincial Council.

The Center has a conference hall for 300 people, a multipurpose room and education and training rooms.

It is used for different services such as education and culture events, social promotion, rural development and environment, economic promotion and employment, sports, tourism, fairs and education.

It is located on the same place as the Provincial Council's Student Residence, the San José Sports Center and the Professional Conservatory of Music Sebastián Durón.

Centro San José – Diputación Provincial de Guadalajara
Atienza, 4, 19003, Guadalajara (Spain)

It is at 600 m from Guadalajara City Hall (city center), 800 m from Concordia Park and San Roque street (pedestrian area with bars and restaurants) and 900 m from Guadalajara bus station (please, refer to the Maps section for more information).

It can be accessed on foot from Atienza Street or from Cardenal González de Mendoza Street.


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